Spring Update from the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate!

Dear Friend of Heart:

Thank you for all of your help raising awareness for American Stroke Month this month.  We have already held successful stroke events in Baltimore, D.C. and Richmond with several more planned in Hampton Roads, Raleigh and Charlotte. Jan Thomas, an attorney from Richmond, was featured on National’s Stories of the Heart this month, and we continue to hear from survivors whose lives were saved because of early recognition and fast action from loved ones, so learn how to Spot a Stroke FAST by downloading our FREE Mobile App and help spread awareness of the No. 4 killer of Americans.

We are working hard to close our fiscal year as our Best Year Ever, and focusing on chair recruitment for all of our events. I am pleased to announce that 237 worksites in the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate were recognized as Fit-Friendly for the April 2014 cycle, including 33 at the platinum level and two with workplace innovation awards. If you know of worksites with more than 25 employees who are making strides creating a culture of health please let us know. We would love to speak to them about applying for the next deadline, November 1, 2014.

We are excited to announce new resources designed to equip healthcare providers and patients with the tools necessary to engage in meaningful dialogue around the importance of high blood pressure management. Controlling Hypertension in Adults (www.heart.org/HBPtoolkit) is a pocket guide for healthcare professionals featuring the AHA’s Hypertension treatment algorithm, developed in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and American College of Cardiology. Understanding and Managing High Blood Pressure (www.heart.org/HBPguide) is an educational guide for patients and is available as a downloadable PDF or as an interactive digital workbook. It was designed to facilitate dialogue between the patient and provider and provides practical information to educate the patient.

As you know CPR Awareness Week is coming up June 1-7. Please help us train more of our MAA neighbors by sharing this New Hands-OnlyTM CPR demo video with the people you know. The first week of April, AHA staff and volunteers trained over 200 seniors at South Central High School in Greenville, NC in Hands-Only CPR. A week after one student was trained, she woke in the middle of the night to her grandmother’s cries that her grandfather had stopped breathing. The girl started chest compressions as her grandmother called 911.  She performed CPR for at least six minutes until EMS arrived. Currently, her grandfather is recovering and is doing well. Without her efforts and the training she received from AHA, he would not have survived.  

There’s also fantastic news about the cardiac arrest survival rate across Pitt County, NC. The preliminary data indicates that bystander CPR has increased from 46.8% (2012) to 54.8% (2013), and the survival rate from out of hospital sudden cardiac arrest has raised from 7.1% (2012) to 11% (2013) since the inception of CPR Anytime programs. Congratulations to everyone in that region and across the MAA conducting and promoting Hands-Only CPR training. It is making a difference and saving lives! 

Thank you for your support of our mission,


Jeremy Beauchamp, Executive Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Affiliate

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