6 healthier options to sip on this season

Hampton Roads, VA  – Fall and winter bring special seasonal beverages, both hot and cold. (Pumpkin spice latte, anyone?)  But these tasty liquid treats can come with extra calories, saturated fat and added sugars that you don’t need. We’ve teamed up with local Eat Smart Month sponsor, Bon Secours, to help you stay healthy and hydrated this holiday season.

“Before you indulge in your favorite seasonal beverage, it’s important to think before you drink.  A cup of eggnog can be up to 340 calories while a cup of hot cider is only 59 calories,” says Judy Mitnick, MS, RD, CDE – Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy.

Tips to Sip Smart:

  1. Go H2O.

    Remember, the healthiest thing you can drink year-round is water! Make it your go-to choice when you’re feeling thirsty. You can give it some extra appeal by adding fresh or frozen fruits, herbs or a splash of 100% fruit juice.

  2. Make it sparkle.

    Try seltzer, club soda or sparkling water if you love the fizz. For a festive holiday look, garnish with whole cranberries and mint leaves.

  3. Gotta have it?

    If it’s just not Christmas without eggnog, try a low-fat version or mix it with an equal amount of low-fat or nonfat milk. You’ll still get the flavor without as many calories.

  4. Spice it up.

    Make a skinny apple cider with unsweetened apple juice and plenty of spice like cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. Garnish with whole cinnamon sticks.

  5. Buzzy, but better.

    Opt for less-sweet homemade versions of sugary coffee drinks and hot chocolate.  (You’ll save money, too!)

  6. Cut back.

    Replace sugary drinks (including sodas, energy and sports drinks, sweet tea, lemonade and coffee drinks) with water or unsweetened tea and coffee. To make the switch easier, cut back the amount of sweetener gradually until your taste adjusts.

Check out our recipes for healthy beverages for a little inspiration.

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