Resources to understanding the four guidelines

Some of you may have heard of our joint effort with the American College of Cardiology to publish four guidelines on CVD and stroke prevention and treatment (Lifestyle, Obesity, Cholesterol, and Risk Assessment). These guidelines are an excellent example of our ability to save and improve lives in communities across the country, and I’d like to share a few resources to help you better understand and talk about their impact:

  • Understanding the Guidelines is a taped conversation with AHA CEO Nancy Brown; Dr. Sid Smith, Chair of the Guideline Committee; and Dr. Mariell Jessup, President of the American Heart Association.  The video is about 25 minutes, and offers an inside look on how and why we published the guidelines.
  • Video FAQ with past president Dr. Gordon Tomaselli breaks down some commonly asked questions.
  • Nancy Brown’s blog on the Huffington Post separates the myths from truth in the media coverage regarding these new guidelines.  We’ve shared this through our social media channels, and it makes a handy reference when discussing the guidelines with local partners.

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