Improved Sidewalks and Active Infrastructure Coming to Charlotte!

According to the 2017 Charlotte Walks Pedestrian Plan, not everyone drives a car. In fact, over 250,000 Charlotteans don’t drive, that’s 30% of the population. It’s enough people to fill the Bank of America Stadium 3.5 times! Some Improved Sidewalks and Active Infrastructure Coming to Charlotte!don’t drive because they choose not to, others don’t drive because they don’t have access to a car, or their age or abilities prevent them from driving safely. For those people, and others, walkability is the key to mobility, independence, and quality of life. The passage of the General obligation bond this past November, will provide $30 million dollars for investments to improve sidewalk and active space infrastructure in Charlotte North Carolina.  This campaign was led by State Government Relations Director, Sarah Jacobson, Grassroots team of Betsy Vetter, Josh Brown and Kim Chidester. With added support from local office staff like Lynn Grayson, Jennifer Phillips and Marques Fitch, mobilizing their internal and external networks to garner support for the bond. Local You’re the Cure volunteers Diana Cook, and Richard Jacobson lent their voice by writing letters to the editor in support of the bond.  Say Yes to Bonds and Sustain Charlotte helped secure the unanimous support of the council to place this item before the voters and mobilize efforts.


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