Healthier Breakfast Items Introduced to Richmond City Public Schools

Richmond, VA – Food is fuel, and kids are sweet enough without added sugar. Knowing good nutrition is key to learning, the American Heart Association teamed up with Richmond City Health District, Richmond Public School Nutrition Services, Fit4Kids, the Richmond Food Justice Alliance, and other community partners to improve the school menus for children in Richmond Public Schools.

Healthier Breakfast Items Introduced to Richmond City Public Schools

The American Heart Association recommends children ages 2-18 should have less than 25 grams of added sugar daily. Across Virginia, too many students are getting three times the daily recommenced amount of added sugar in breakfast alone! Discovering this, the American Heart Association and its partners recognized they needed to come together and make a change. Children were beginning their days with high sugar items like Poptarts and flavored milk. Now, children will enter class, prepared to learn on a stomach full of options including savory items and more whole fruits. Not only are there healthier options, it is also proven to be delicious, as tested and approved by students themselves.

In the 2018-2019, Richmond Public Schools will feed around 24,000 students. These menu changes are a win for these students, their families, and their teachers as all will reap the benefits of healthy, happy children.

Susan Roberson, the Director of School Nutrition Services in Richmond Public Schools, stated…

“Healthy people make a healthy community. Eat right, drink right, and you begin to think right.”

So, say no more to sugar rushes and crashes in class, and say hello to engaged, healthy learners!

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