Healthcare for Virginians: It’s Personal

How important is health insurance to you and your family? Unfortunately, nearly 400,000 Virginians live without access to affordable healthcare coverage. Many are caught in the health insurance coverage gap – they don’t qualify for Medicaid and they don’t earn enough money for subsidies in the insurance exchange established by the Affordable Care Act.

Close the Gap Virginia GraphicThe Virginia House and Senate are working on the state budget right now, which makes it the perfect time to raise your voice to expand access to healthcare for ALL Virginians! There is not much time left to act!

Call Virginia legislators today to expand healthcare access in the Commonwealth!

The Medicaid program provides critical access to prevention, treatment, disease management, and care coordination services for individuals with cardiovascular disease (CVD). Medicaid provides the coverage backbone for the healthcare services these individuals need. Americans with CVD risk factors who lack health insurance or are underinsured have higher mortality rates and poorer blood pressure control than their insured counterparts. To continue to make advances in treating and preventing CVD, access to quality and affordable healthcare is necessary.

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