Four key steps to reduce holiday stress

Hampton Roads, VA – If the thought of the holiday season makes you feel stressed and overwhelmed, you are not alone!  Taking care of yourself so that you will live longer for the people you’re spending the holidays with is so very important. That is why we’ve teamed up with local Eat Smart Month sponsor, Bon Secours, to inspire you to stay mindful of your well-being as you balance your holiday-to-do-list.

It’s easy for all the added activities during the holidays to lead to stress eating.  It’s important to take time some for yourself, continue to eat regularly and to avoid skipping your regular exercise routine,” says Judy Mitnick, MS, RD, CDE, Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy.

Make yourself a priority and don’t lose sight of your well being during the hustle and bustle of the season with these steps:

  • Keep up healthy habits. Make a commitment to yourself before the holiday season begins. If you don’t completely give up your healthy eating and exercise habits, you won’t feel like you have to start all over once the holidays are in the rear-view.

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  • Fit in fitness. Try not to skip workouts, because exercise helps relieve stress. Even when a full social calendar gets in the way, sprinkle some healthy activity like walking into your daily routine. Or do something active with the whole family.
  • Give yourself the gift of peace. When the invitations pile up, don’t be afraid to say no to some of them. If you need some down time to recharge for the next party, take a break. Do something that relaxes you, like yoga, meditation, reading, a warm bath or
    spending time in nature.
  • Get your ZZZs. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night to not turn into the Grinch. Don’t let your wake-up time and bedtime get too far off your regular schedule. Nap when needed and ditch the digital devices at night.

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