CPR in Schools bill signed in Virginia!!

Governor McDonnell has signed a bill that will save many lives well into the future, a bill that ensures every student is trained in the life-saving skill of CPR before they graduate from high school. Gwyneth’s Law (HB 2028/SB 986) will create an ever-growing pool of CPR-ready citizens in our communities every single year after it is implemented. Thirteen-year-old Gwyneth Griffin died after suffering a cardiac arrest at school, and her parents and others have been working since to make sure more Virginians get trained in CPR.

Thank your legislators for passing this impactful bill! Almost 90 percent of people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest outside of a hospital die, most likely because they don’t get CPR treatment within the first few precious minutes. Five minutes is the difference between life and death. If no CPR is provided or no defibrillation occurs within 3 to 5 minutes of collapse, the chances of survival drop. 

Maryland and South Carolina are looking at similar bills now.  Join www.yourethecure.org now to support their passage with a single click!

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