Could You Save Me?

You’re here because someone you know is equipped with the skills to save your life and they want to make sure you can do the same for them. Think about it for a moment…the people who take just 1-minute to learn Hands-Only CPR can save anyone around them but they can’t save themselves. That’s where you come in! Just take a minute to learn a life saving skill and be ready to jump into action at the moment that someone needs you. That’s what community is all about! #CouldYouSaveMe

Step 1. Learn Hands-Only CPR by watching this video clip


Step 2: Now that you know how to save others, let’s ask 5 of your friends to learn Hands-Only CPR so they can save YOU! Post a #couldyousaveme video or message tagging five friends to visit to learn to save a life like the one you see below from Billy Cohen, a local, 16 year-old soccer player, who collapsed of a sudden cardiac arrest on the soccer field at Providence Day School last fall.

Here’s a sample message to get you started but we encourage you to have fun with it and make it your own. Just use #couldyousaveme! 

70% of cardiac arrests happen outside the hospital setting. If it happened to me, #couldyousaveme? Watch a 1-minute video at to learn Hands-Only CPR and tag 5 of your friends to do the same thing. 

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