Colon Terrell, a heart attack survivor from Raleigh, NC will be kicked off a 3,000 mille Heart Trek across America at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse today in North Carolina.


Terrell, who will be walking approximately 20 miles per day, wants to raise awareness of our nation’s No. 1 killer, heart disease, and funds for the American Heart Association.  Heart Trek USA will take Terrell through 11 states and 8 pairs of walking shoes as he makes his way to Santa Monica Pier in California by September 2012.


Terrell suffered a heart attack on Valentine’s Day in 2009.  A former marathoner, heart disease was the last thing on his mind when he began to experience what he thought was severe indigestion.


“Suddenly, it felt like someone had hit me in the left elbow with a hammer and the chest pain, nausea and sweating became intense.  I said to my wife ‘ I’m having a heart attack,’” said Terrell.


Terrell was rushed to the emergency room where after a battery of tests he learned that all five arteries on the front of his heart were 90 – 95% blocked.  Terrell underwent open heart surgery and doctors replaced the five blocked arteries with one from his leg and four arteries from deep inside his chest wall.


After recovery, Terrell and his wife Brenda began exercising, lost weight and eating a healthier diet.  Terrell, who retired in December of 2011, decided that he wanted to do something to celebrate his second chance at life and motivate others.  Thus, Heart Trek USA became a reality.


“My hope is that my walk will inspire people to make positive changes in their health and lifestyle so they can prevent heart disease and live stronger, longer lives,” said Terrell.


Colon will be coming through the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate in Raleigh, Charlotte and Upstate SC later this month and into April.  To follow Colon’s journey visit www.hearttrekusa.com or like him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hearttrekusa.

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