Local toddler selected as national ambassador for Kids Heart Challenge

Richmond, VA - Three year old, Finn Blumenthal, will serve as a national ambassador for American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge! Since 2016, Finn and his mom, Kelly, have helped local schools raise funds for the American Heart Association. This year, the American Heart Association chose Finn to be a national ambassador for the program, now in its 40th year and [...]

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Mid-Atlantic’s Little Hats, Big Hearts

Volunteers around the country are helping raise awareness of of heart disease, the number one killer of Americans, and congenital heart defects, the most common type of birth defect in the country by knitting and crocheting little red hats to be given out through the American Heart Association's Little Hats, Big Hearts. The Mid-Atlantic Affiliate is proud to be continuing the [...]

Infant Born with Multiple Heart Defects Now Thriving at Age Three

Four months pregnant with her second child, Nykia Ward walked into her doctor’s office eager to learn the sex of her baby during her appointment that day. After the joy of discovering she was carrying a girl that she would name Kaycee, the doctor presented her with some concerning information. A bright spot appeared on Kaycee’s heart during the ultrasound. [...]

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Little Hats, Big Hearts Makes a Splash!

Little Hats, Big Hearts at First Health Little Hats, Big Hearts made a splash this February with babies in 52 hospitals across the state going red. The American Heart Association and the Children’s Heart Foundation teamed up this year to spread the message of congenital heart defects (CHD), the most common type of birth defect in the country. [...]

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Little Hats, Big Hearts Goes Viral!

Last month, the American Heart Association’s #LittleHatsBigHearts program was trending on social media. All that buzz has led to a flurry of knitters and crocheters from across the affiliate looking to donate hats to help raise awareness of congenital heart disease and to empower moms to live heart healthy lives while encouraging their children to do the same. Little Hats, [...]

Calling All Knitters & Crocheters: Little Hats, Big Hearts Needs Your Help!

#LittleHatsBigHearts is the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s campaign, in connection with The Children’s Heart Foundation, to collect knitted or crocheted red baby hats. The hats will be distributed to babies born in hospitals across the country during February, which is American Heart Month. Last year, we collected over 5,900 hats and delivered hats to 98 hospitals throughout the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate [...]

Maryland Go Red For Women Luncheon

On June 2nd we held our 6th Annual Go Red For Women Luncheon. We had record attendance this year filling the room to capacity. This year we were challenged by Kelly Blumenthal, whose son was born with a congenital heart defect, to #DanceWithFinn...and boy did we dance. #DanceWithFinn is a movement challenging those you love to video their dance moves, [...]

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Survivor Spotlight: Myles

Meet Myles, a smiley one-year-old from Harrisonburg, who survived a heart attack caused by Kawasaki Disease. Myles' video debuted at the Charlottesville Heart Ball on April 1. Though relatively common, the illness is very hard to diagnose and is characterized by several symptoms including: fever, rash, swelling of the hands and feet, irritation and redness of the whites of the [...]

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