American Heart Association to Celebrate First Hard Hats with Heart Event in Charleston

American Heart Association to Celebrate First Hard Hats with Heart Event in CharlestonThe American Heart Association is teaming up with Seamon Whiteside to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke in the construction industry. They will be hosting an event called “Hard Hats with Heart,” which is a brand-new construction industry event bringing together general contractors, subcontractors, health care and business executives to shine a light on the prevalence of heart disease in the construction industry and showcase how creating a culture of wellness within our companies can make a big difference.

In fact, more than 15,000 individuals in the Lowcountry are employed in the construction sector, and the need is greater than ever to find a solution and make an impact to save more lives

“Adults in the construction industry have a slightly higher risk of cardiovascular disease compared to other industries, based on lifestyle factors such as smoking, poor nutrition, and lack of physical activity. But the good news is 80% of heart disease and stroke is preventable so we are excited to educate the construction industry about finding ways to live a longer, healthier life,” says Stuart Whiteside, the 2019 Hard Hats with Heart Chair.

The AHA is also implementing CPR trainings, and they recently taught hands-only CPR to employees at HITT Contracting Inc.

“The American Heart Association is a great partner in helping to make workplace wellness a priority. They recently came out to our job site to train our employees in Hands-Only CPR. We hope we can bring the entire construction community together for this important initiative,” says Josh VanScoy, the Vice President of HITT Contracting Inc.

The event will take place on Thursday, May 9th from 5:30-8:00 PM at Dockery’s on Daniel Island. Join us to learn from Lowcountry construction leaders what is working for their employees and have the chance to showcase your company’s workplace wellness program. To learn more about Hard Hats with Heart, visit

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