6-Year Old in the Triad Supports the Kids Heart Challenge in a BIG Way!

An elementary school child’s day is filled from morning to night. From school to homework to community sports, clubs and fun family activities, raising vital funds for heart disease sounds like it wouldn’t even catch a 6 year-old’s attention. However, the teachers and American Heart Association Youth Market staff made a BIG impression on Aidan Croom, a kindergartener out of The Downtown School in Winston-Salem, N.C.

“He really took their message t6-Year Old in the Triad Supports the Kids Heart Challenge in a BIG Way!o heart. So whoever did the presentation or trained the teachers should be commended! They got my kid on board,” shared Amy Croom, Aidan’s mom.

Aidan started participating in the Kids Heart Challenge with a $250 goal and met that goal in the first 24 hours. They upped his goal to $500 and then they reached that goal two days later. Next, they made their goal $1000 and they reached that goal within 8 days of starting to fundraise. Right now, Aidan has raised over $1,095 for the Kids Health Challenge! This is just one example of what a passionate and driven kindergartner can do to help save lives!

The Kids Heart Challenge is a fun and exciting event where students learn about their heart while helping others and raising money for the American Heart Association. The Kids Heart Challenge prepares kids for success through physical and emotional well-being and so much more! Learn more at http://american.heart.org/kidsheartchallenge. 

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