Over 1200 Horses and Riders Gallop for Heart in Myrtle Beach

Every Fall, 1,200+ horseback riders from across the country take to the beaches of Myrtle Beach, SC for the 5 day, 4 night American Heart Association Beach Ride. Entering it’s 38th year, the event raises over $350,000 per year for the AHA.

Patron Circle member of the Cor Vitae Society and rider, Paul Riefenberg is dedicated to the cause due to a long history with heart disease through family and friends. Paul and his wife, TerriOver 1200 Horses and Riders Gallop for Heart in Myrtle Beache, travel down each year from North Carolina.

You don’t have to look far to find a family member, friend or business associate that has or is dealing with heart health issues. Everything from bypass surgery, stents to heart attacks when you least expect them. My dad has two stents and is still with us at 86 years old,” said Paul Riefenberg. “My Dad was  member of our Saddle Club and his father also suffer from heart disease. After a close friend and business companion died from a heart attack on his 50th birthday, and my sister in law’s husband died from a heart attack at age 40, it made an impact and statement on taking responsibility for my and Terrie’s health.  Our support of the AHA is geared to help others get education, support, research and care for heart disease.  We are proud to support AHA and truly enjoy meeting and engaging with those who have survived a heart related issue as they are the true warriors.  Their stories and messages help continue to raise the necessary funds to help AHA.  Thank you for allowing us to make a small contribution to a huge battle.  The fact we get to attend an event such as the AHA Beach Ride is just the cherry on the top!”

An exceptional community of individuals, Cor Vitae Society members are united by a determination to ease the burden of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Our goal is to provide meaningful experiences to recognize and engage such distinguished and generous support. Get involved today! http://www.heart.org/en/get-involved/ways-to-give/cor-vitae-society

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